friendly, smiling,
knowledgeable staff
and not one single
unhappy guest!

Dear Manager,

Wouldn't your job be that much easier and more satisfying if only that were possible?

I'll get straight to the point.

You've got a great venue. And after years of experience working in this industry, you know what needs to happen for an event to go off without a hitch. You've spent hours on the concourse making sure things are running smoothly and have calmed your share of spirited fans. You've seen it all. And let me guess...

You still have employees that make you shake your head because they just don't know how to be customer service oriented.

Their actions, words and lack of common sense cause you to lay awake at night wondering what the next event will bring.

That's a worry you simply can't afford.

In a world where competition for the spender's dollar is tighter than ever, the deciding factor between your event and another is often past experiences in a certain venue or certain event.

So let me ask you: How would your customers rate their experience with your staff? Would they spend their hard earned money to return to your venue?

This site is about enhancing Guest Relations for Sports and Entertainment Venues. It's about unlocking the door to a substantial increase in your customer satisfaction rating - both internally and externally. That is if you're prepared to keep an open mind and be completely honest with yourself. Honest enough to accept that perhaps the knowledge and delivery of your staff training isn't as good as it should be. Or even humble enough to admit that you could use some help in training your staff. Seem a little blunt? Yep. But what choice do you have? You can opt for:

Another boring seasonal training for your staff where you're not really sure that they've bought into what you're trying to produce?


You can make the leap to a Dynamic, Thought Provoking training session. One that takes your Customer Service Staff to the level of Guest Relations and turns your customers into enthusiastic Fans.

If your training program is not improving the way your staff promotes positive guest relations at your venue, then you've come to the right place.

My name is Ruby Newell-Legner and I'm an expert in promoting customer satisfaction in the leisure industry.

I get called to do training for some of the most successful sports and entertainment venues in the world. I have worked in the trenches in this industry for over 25 years as a front line service provider and facility manager. Having demonstrated positive results in working with 15 NFL, NBA, NHL and CFL Stadiums and Arenas, I provided Leadership and Guest Relations training to help Dolphin Stadium prepare their staff for Super Bowl XLI, trained the staff for 2008 US Open (tennis) and worked with the venues that hosted the 2010 Olympics. For the last 5 years, I traveled halfway around the globe to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to provide training for the leaders in the Leisure industry, including Jumeirah Group, the luxury hospitality leader and operator of the Burj Al Arab, frequently referred to as the only seven-star hotel in the world.

Everyday my clients put my proven guest relations training skills to the test, as I offer insight, tips and concrete examples of how to improve guest relations from front-line employees to customers, between co-workers and their peers, and from managers to the employees they supervise. My track record in satisfying clients is identified by the number who have hired me again and again to provide training for their staff. Click here to see my most recent clients and what they've said about how I've helped their venue.

Why struggle to get to the top?

It's a commonly held misconception that great leaders are equally good at imparting wisdom to their staff. Not necessarily. After presenting over 1,400 hundred programs in nine countries, I've worked with some of the best leaders in the leisure industry. Most will tell you that having a vision for excellence is one thing; giving their staff the tactical training they need to succeed requires another discipline all together.

That's where I can help. Training is my specialty. And I've excelled with a simple concept.

I find out your unique challenges then design a training program specifically for your venue staff.

From the front line worker to the leadership/management team, I work with your supervisors, parking lot personnel, ticket sellers, event staff, security, concessions and catering employees, ushers, ticket takers, and even housekeeping and merchandise sellers.

I will outline a specific staff development plan that offers fundamental building blocks that will have your staff shining in every guest encounter. I even promote synergy with departments so everyone is working on the same page to enhance the fan experience as a well-oiled team.

So why fight it when there is a simple way to help your staff learn to anticipate your customer's needs?

Let me help you create a new blueprint for your staff training program. Working side-by-side, I will help you learn how to produce a learning environment where everyone walks away with tools that can help them do their job and make you proud.

If you're really serious about improving the experience for your guests, which will have positive effects all around, I recommend you do the following:

Call my office today to see how I can help - phone 303-933-9291.


Send me an e-mail and let me know what specific challenges you are encountering.

What will be achieved by 'hoping' that things improve? That won't solve your problem. And 'wishing' you could find a magic guest relations formula won't make it any better. To get your team working together for the benefit of your guests, you need to take positive action.

Take your first step today.


Ruby Newell-Legner

Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP

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7 Star Service 

Be more than a Boss:  Enhance your Staff's Performance and Improve Employee Retention

Do you light the fire under your people – or stoke the fire within?
Do you command behavior or inspire performance?

Do you control your staff or foster commitment?
Whether it is to improve performance or to develop tomorrow’s leaders, supervising staff is a key skill that every manager needs to succeed. Become a trusted mentor and develop a reputation as a people developer.

Make your job easier when employees know what is expected of them, improve performance and love their job.
What you will learn in this program:
  • Guidelines for clarifying expectations for every position
  • Strategies for developing your staff
  • Elements of recognition program that motivates your employees
Ruby Newell-Legner's acumen as a Fan Experience Expert is in a class all by itself. No other speaker can boast experience working with 27 professional sports teams from the NFL, NHL, NBA, CFL and MLB. Ruby has consulted with and designed customized training programs for more than 60 sports and entertainment venues and numerous major events including
  • Super Bowl XLI
  • 2008 US Open (tennis)
  • 2010 Olympics
  • 2012 Republican National Convention
  • 2006 & 2013 Grey Cup
She helps venue leaders:
  • promote event attendance
  • enhance fan loyalty
  • increase season ticket holder retention
  • improve and repair contracted partner relationships
  • elevate customer satisfaction ratings

Be more than a Boss: Enhance your Staff’s Performance and Improve Employee Retention

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